Brit Awards

While watching the Brit Awards, all I could think about was the album that was soon to follow with the great array of music. I’m usually into acoustic music but the Brit Awards challenges my perception of taste. But of course, being an acoustic lover, I was waiting for that all important moment when Mumford and Sons got up on stage.

The scene was set, and in eager anticipation I heard the nominations for Best British Album. Moments later, to my delight, Mumford were crowned victorious with their album Sigh No More. The night couldn’t have got any better, especially with their live performance of Timshel.

A couple of days later, once I had found the new album of the Brit Awards, I searched frantically for the masses of Mumford songs but to my suprise, there wasn’t any. How could this be? They performed and even won best album and yet they still had no appearance. What makes it even worse is the fact that bands such as Vampire Weekend and Owl City (Despite the fact that they aren’t even BRITish) got a mention and where were they in the runnings??


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