#2 – Fight Club



“If I could wake up in a different place, at a different time, could I wake up as a different person?”

With non stop fight scenes and strong, conflicting character personalities, Fight Club is a success or more ways than one.

Jack (Edward Nortan) suffers from insomnia, hates his boss and is addicted to support groups – they bring out the other side to him, the side he can’t quite reach.

While at the support groups, he meets Marla Singer (Helena Bonham Carter), a ‘faker’ as he puts it. Since the point of turning up, Jack feels as if she ‘ruined everything’ as the support groups no longer seem to help him. Never seen far from a cigarette, she comes to terms with his obsession and they agree to disagree by alternating the groups they attend, so to not see eachother.

 This is all until he meets Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt), with whom he seems to bond with quite well. Soon after their meeting, Fight Club is set up and the male audience get what they payed for: brutal fight scenes.

The concept grows larger with more and more disillusioned men joining with the consequence of underground Fight Clubs sprouting up over the country and Tyler becoming an underground legend. Due to his status, Tyler begins breeding an army of followers, most of which would do anything for him. With his newly established power, without help from Jack, the substandard Fight Club transforms into ‘Project Mayhem’, with the members using their violent streaks to cause destruction and hate crimes.

Things begin to heat up and as a result of an argument with Jack, Tyler leaves. Shortly after, Jack finds aeroplane tickets in Tylers name and begins to track him down.

When Tyler and Jack next meet, an out-of-this-world twist is revealed that will leave you watching the film again, catching up on anything that wasn’t apparent in the first place.

Exploring the topics of male aggression, isolation and an in depth state of mind, Fight Club offers a storyline that is an ambitious task for any director to compete with.


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#1 – American Beauty

With 5 Oscars under it’s belt, American Beauty had a reputation which it successfully upheld in my eyes. During the 117 minutes of thought provoking direction, I found myself challenging the stereotypes that we have been convinced to live by.

The film begins with Lester Burnham (Kevin Spacey), taking out his his frustrations in what he calls his ‘Highlight of the day’. This sets the trend for the film as from this high point, things turn for the worse. We are then introduced to his wife, Carolyn (Annette Bening) who, on the outside, portrays a confident, rich, business women but  is in actual fact a failing realtor. Their relationship, to everyone else, is perfect, but as the film unfolds we slowly unearth the truth about what is really going on in their world.

Early on in the film, we soon realise that Lester is hopelessly depressed with the way he is living until his daughter, Jane (Thora Birch) introduces him to her best friend, Angela Hayes (Mena Suvari). This small action breaks him free from his wife’s leash and ultimately is the beginning of the real meaning of the film.

The remaining important characters, Ricky Fitts (Wes Bentley), Col. Frank Fitts (Chris Cooper) and Buddy Kane (Peter Gallagher) are all introduced after not too long, all with certain stereotypes that you would expect from being introduced to the characters.

Throughout the film, all kinds of sterotypes are explored with most of them being what you would expect, to begin with. But as time progresses, the characters are slowly revealed for what they really are with some shocking results.

-A great film with eye opening results. By the end, you will find yourself asking the truth behind the American Dream.

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Film List

I have decided to celebrate the fact that I have a new love for films by treating myself to 7 great films which I aim to watch in 7 days. Whether this will happen or not is another matter but the intention is there. The idea is to then write a review for each with the help of a friend (http://politicallyincorrectt.wordpress.com) for his review of The Godfather.

The films are the following:

  1. American Beauty
  2. Fight Club
  3. Good Will Hunting
  4. There Will Be Blood
  5. A Beautiful Mind
  6. No Country For Old Men
  7. The Godfather

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Brit Awards

While watching the Brit Awards, all I could think about was the album that was soon to follow with the great array of music. I’m usually into acoustic music but the Brit Awards challenges my perception of taste. But of course, being an acoustic lover, I was waiting for that all important moment when Mumford and Sons got up on stage.

The scene was set, and in eager anticipation I heard the nominations for Best British Album. Moments later, to my delight, Mumford were crowned victorious with their album Sigh No More. The night couldn’t have got any better, especially with their live performance of Timshel.

A couple of days later, once I had found the new album of the Brit Awards, I searched frantically for the masses of Mumford songs but to my suprise, there wasn’t any. How could this be? They performed and even won best album and yet they still had no appearance. What makes it even worse is the fact that bands such as Vampire Weekend and Owl City (Despite the fact that they aren’t even BRITish) got a mention and where were they in the runnings??

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First Time For Everything


I’ve always felt like writing my general thoughts down somewhere and there’s no place better than where the world can see. Well that’s my thought on the case anyway.

So here’s to a first time for everything.

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